Alumni Profiles

We celebrate the diverse accomplishments of our graduates making impactful contributions across various sectors and industries. From public service and policymaking to law, business, and beyond. Find out more about their journeys, accomplishments, and the lasting impact they are making on the world.

  • Samantha Haase

    Samantha Haase

    ’15 political science and international relations

  • Abigal Leberg

    Abigail Leberg

    ’21 M.A. political science (public policy)

  • Natalia Rios Martinez

    Natalia Rios Martinez

    ’23 political science, ’23 international studies, ’23 public relations

  • Andrew Phaff

    Andrew Phaff

    ’17 political science, ’17 history

  • Sophie Shoultz

    Sophie Shoultz

    ’23, M.A. political science (public policy)

  • Cody Smith

    Cody Smith

    ’18, political science and agriculture & life sciences education: communications option