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If you’re curious about understanding how governments function, international relations evolve, and policies come to life, we’d like to offer you a front-row seat to the global stage. From analyzing historical shifts to deciphering modern political landscapes, a degree in political science equips you with the critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills needed to navigate complex issues and make a difference in the ever-evolving narrative of our shared human story.

If you’re driven by a passion for change, a fascination with policy, or an intrigue for diplomacy, a major in political science is your gateway to becoming an informed, engaged, and impactful global citizen.

My critical thinking and research skills, developed during my education, enable me to analyze issues, prepare briefings, and draft responses to constituents. Overall, my political science background helps me play a valuable role in supporting the member of Congress and addressing constituents’ needs.

Natalia Rios Martinez, ’23 political science, international studies and public relations

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    Major and minor

    Navigate the intricacies of American government, political theory, international relations, comparative politics, and public policy while learning to interweave these diverse threads into a cohesive understanding.

    Develop the skills to dissect and construct compelling arguments, both in writing and through spoken word, all while embracing the richness of varying political perspectives. By graduation, you’ll not only possess a profound appreciation for the civic duties that underpin our society but also the expertise to actively engage in shaping its political landscape.

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    Graduate studies

    If you are ready to take your education to the next level, we offer both a traditional M.A. in political science.

    We also participate in various multi-disciplinary degrees such as an M.S. in cybersecurity, a M.A. / J.D. degree, and a certificate of public management and policy.


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    Engage with faculty who are global experts – in and out of the classroom.

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    Student Support

    All the benefits of a top accredited university, with a supportive, friendly community where you’ll create meaningful connections with faculty, advisors and other students.

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    We’ll partner with you to explore the versatility of your degree. The possibilities are endless.