Careers in political science

A degree in political science opens doors to an array of impactful careers, where your understanding of political systems and critical thinking skills are highly valued. You could delve into policy research, shaping legislation and contributing to informed decision-making or embark on a career in international relations, where you might work as a diplomat, forging connections between nations and navigating global challenges. A degree in political science can also pave the way for roles in law, journalism, public relations, or even government administration, where you can influence positive change at local, national, or international levels.

Career planning and preparation

Looking for help in putting together the perfect resume or cover letter? Or maybe you are looking for an internship or even some mock interviews for an upcoming job? LAS Career Services can help you with all of these and more.

Poli Cyclones – podcast interviews with our alumni

Our alumni have gone on to many different, exciting careers. Our podcast, Poli Cyclones, interviews recent alumni to catch up with where our alumni are living and working. You can find it on any of the popular podcast syndication sites, or listen directly on our podcast page.

Alumni Awards 2022 -- Matthew Goodman

Alumni Careers: Matthew Goodman

Senior Aerospace Science Instructor-Air Force Junior ROTC, Waterloo, Iowa

Undergraduate and graduate studies outcomes

Surveys to our recent graduates of both our undergraduate and graduate studies programs are sent approximately six months after graduation.