Marlyssa Crow

  • Distinguished Alumni


I grew up in Waukee, Iowa and attended Iowa State in Fall 2015. I graduated with a B.S. in environmental science and a minor in political science. Having a degree in Political Science gave me the opportunity to TA for Professor Steffen Schmidt. This teaching assistant position made me recognize the importance that political science has in everyday life.

Teaching with Dr. Schmidt motivated me to learn more about the world prompted me to apply to graduate school. Faculty in the political science department supported me in application processes for both master’s programs and Ph.D. programs alike. After being accepted into multiple programs, I realized my passion working with people was what sparked my interest in political science initially. From here, I chose to pursue my M.S. in environmental conservation. This allowed me to learn environmental policy, biodiversity conservation, and management practices for the real world, combining a range of my interests.

Without the strong foundation at Iowa State, I would not be as passionate about what I do today. I currently work as an Environmental & Social Scientist for an environmental consulting firm. I consistently use my political science degree through communicating with stakeholders and policymakers on national environmental policy initiatives. Along with that, I am starting a position as an Energy Advisor in Chicago, working to improve energy conservation and efficiency. I am very thankful for my time spent with the Political Science Department at Iowa State and have lasting relationships that continue to push me to be better.

If anyone wishes to contact me, my email is