Outcomes Assessment

Political Science majors will…

  1. Effectively communicate political ideas and information.
  2. Formulate original arguments while drawing appropriately on others’ ideas.
  3. Use major theoretical concepts of political science to answer questions of interest.
  4. Connect knowledge from political science to participation in civic life.
  5. Collect, and evaluate the quality of, information relating to politics.
  6. Apply social-science methodologies to data about politics.

Master of Arts students in Political Science will…

  1. Develop in-depth understanding of one or more subfields in political science
  2. Develop qualitative and quantitative skills for conducting and executing research on the political process
  3. Be able to analyze complex political questions
  4. Integrate theoretical and substantive materials
  5. Learn to integrate and present research findings
  6. Undertake and defend an original piece of political research at the culmination of their degree program.