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New Book from ISU Professor

Author: Troy Rutter

The 3rd edition of the classic textbook, Introduction to Global Politics, by Richard W. Mansbach and Kirsten L. Taylor, has been published.
Richard Mansbach is Professor of Political Science at Iowa State University. He was recently honored with the International Studies Association Distinguished Scholar’s Award (2017) and the Brian and Roni Gardner Faculty Award (2016) from Iowa State University.
Kirsten Taylor is Professor of Government and Chair of the Department of Government and International Studies at Berry College in Georgia; she was a Temporary Assistant Professor (2001–2002) and Temporary Instructor (1998-2000) of Political Science at Iowa State University.

The fully updated third edition of Introduction to Global Politics continues to provide a vital resource for students looking to explain global politics using an historical approach, firmly linking history with the events of today. By integrating theory and political practice at individual, state, and global levels, students are introduced to key developments in global politics, helping them make sense of major trends that are shaping our world.