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Deterrence and Assurance Workshop and Conference

Author: Troy Rutter

Ellen Pirro and 10 ISU students participated in the Deterrence and Assurance Workshop and Conference, conducted at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, March 3-4th, 2016. The conference was sponsored by the United States Strategic Command in Omaha, Nebraska.

Presentations were made by distinguished speakers including Major General Allen Batschelet, U.S. Strategic Command; Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel; Dr. Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado, Assistant Vice Chancellor, UNO; Major General Clinton E. Crosier, Plans and Policy Director, U.S. Strategic Command; Ambassador Adam M. Scheinman, Department of State, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation; and Admiral Cecil D. Haney, Commander, U.S. Strategic Command.

Topics addressed included nuclear deterrence and proliferation, war games, historical concepts of deterrence, cyber threats and nuclear weapons, diplomacy and smart power, security Interests in Europe, and nuclear reduction plans.